IA Summit 11: The UX of Distruption

Day 3 at the IA Summit, and the first day of the conference I decided to check out a presentation by Russ Unger and Dan Willis entitled The User Experience of Disruption. It was a whirlwind presentation that started with its own disruption when Dan came in late and announce technical difficulties with the room that ment we had to move locations. We were all herded out of the room and separated to two different hallway locations. Then after a bit of presentation via paper slide printouts from Russ, we were herded back into the room, where the disruption was explained as planned, and our reactions were gathered. 

My Notes

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Disruption causes

  • Bail Out, Uncomfortable, lost expectations, nerve-racking, productivity loss, lost trust, tension, aggravation, misplaced leadership, disorientation, and hostility
  • Trust is thin to begin with until proven, and disruption only reduces it further.


  • Taking advantage of a disruption
  • How can you use disruption in your favor?
  • Identify the disruption and take advantage by cherry-picking
    • Well timed press releases, i.e. southwest marketing for free bags, when other carriers imposed baggage fees.


  • Not an interruption, but instead when a market changes.
  • Forces re-thinking and change.
    • Mail to email
    • Classical advertising has been dramatically affected by social media.
    • Post-Office has been affected by UPS and FedEx
    • Blockbuster has been disrupted by video streaming, and Netflix.