Infographic Best Practices

Infographic Best Practices

I had the opportunity to help out with an infographic design recently and it gave me to a great opportunity to explore this communication medium in general.  There are some really great examples on Pinterest, and I highly recommend that as a tool for visually browsing samples of what is out there. One thing I found really interesting was the lack of infographics on infographics, as in best practices and tips. I felt this was a nice opportunity to create a best practices infographic myself. 

Here are the tips I found to be most useful in most circumstances:

  • Don’t Type it, Show It
  • Have a Primary Visual
  • Visualize Data Creatively
  • Headings Create Flow & Anchors
  • Use Space, Shapes & Columns
  • Less is More, Keep it Simple and On Point.

I think if I were to modify it, I would also add something about color.

Infographic Template